As Adaptive Mtn Biking (aMTB) continues to grow in Canada and around the world with more aMTB programs being created within adaptive organizations and more aMTB trail information on social media the bigger the need for purpose-built aMTB trails.  AMTB is a global pursuit to be a more mainstream option for people with different abilities and we believe that every riding destination can have an adaptable MTB trail. 

Building aMTB trails is beneficial; from both a personal health and community perspective. It can be extremely difficult dealing with a catastrophic event like a spinal cord injury, amputation, stroke, MS, or traumatic brain injury…to be able to continue on with a healthy lifestyle and to have access to our outdoor resources is hugely important. 


  • Mental and Physical health

  • Inclusivity and feeling connected to their community

  • Accessibility 2024 to make BC more accessible

  • Adaptive sports destination vacations growing tourism options

  • aMTB purpose-built trail means ANYBODY can ride it.

  • Differently abled riders able to safely ride with their families

  • aMTB trails are accessible to everyone from beginners to adaptive riders to expert riders

Please contact us for information on the aMTB guidelines and best practices for designing and building aMTB trails, created in partnership Mark Wood at Trail Holistics.

If you are interested in planning, designing, and constructing your next purpose-built aMTB trail that is guaranteed to be fun, inclusive, and barrier-free we can help! 

Email us at or to let us know how we can help.

*Note: Please go to for 2021 updated guidelines.





It is the mission of the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) to provide opportunities and support to people with physical challenges, so they can pursue active lifestyles through physical fitness and competitive athletics. The Challenged Athletes Foundation believes that involvement in sports at any level increases self-esteem, encourages independence and enhances quality of life.


BC Rehab works toward a British Columbia that is inclusive and accessible to all people. We promote projects and initiatives that increase accessibility so that all people -- regardless of their physical capabilities -- can thrive, participate and contribute in their communities.

Through our advocacy and fundraising efforts we are able to assist British Columbians who are living with a physical disability. We fulfill individual needs, such as personal mobility equipment, when individuals cannot afford to purchase such items on their own. At BC Rehab we celebrate and support people with disabilities in their journey toward achieving their own form of independence.


As a serving member or Veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, you know what it’s like to live an active lifestyle. Whether you are newly ill or injured or have been on the path to recovery for a while, we are here to support you to adapt, overcome and Soldier On.


The Recreation and Sport for Persons with a Disability Funding Program, administered by Recreation NL, is a strategic initiative supported by the provincial government’s recreation and sport strategy, Active Healthy Newfoundland and Labrador (2007). The program aims to increase support, remove barriers and develop actions to support individuals who wish to participate and engage in recreation and sport activities. This program is available through a bi-lateral agreement between the  the Department of Children, Seniors and Social Development and the Federal Government, Sport Canada.

For detailed information, eligibility requirements and guidelines please see below.

Recreation & Sport for Persons with a Disability Grant Guidelines and Application



It is the mission of the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) to provide opportunities and support to people with physical challenges, so they can pursue active lifestyles through physical fitness and competitive athletics. The Challenged Athletes Foundation believes that involvement in sports at any level increases self-esteem, encourages independence and enhances quality of life.


An active lifestyle fuels a healthy body and mind, allowing us to be the most full version of ourselves.

For those who have experienced a spinal cord injury, being active can feel out of reach. The obstacles are real: physical, financial, and even the belief it is possible.

The Kelly Brush Foundation (KBF) is dedicated to a making active lifestyles a reality for those who have experienced a spinal cord injury. We offer the inspiration to believe and the grants to enable anyone to buy the equipment they need to get out and go. But the KBF funds more that just recreation, because when you’re out there on the hill, road or trail, as your heart rate rises and you feel the wind on your face, disability fades away. An active lifestyle forges connections with others — both new friends and old, in and out of a chair.

The KBF was founded by Kelly and her family after Kelly was injured in 2006 at an NCAA alpine ski race. Since our founding, we’ve been committed to ski racing safety and will continue to advocate and provide resources so that every ski racer is training and competing on the safest possible venues.


The High Fives Foundation is dedicated to raising money and awareness for athletes that have suffered a life altering injury while pursuing their dream in the winter action sports community. Find out more at


I'M ABLE grants are awarded to disabled individuals and supporting organizations and provide hand-cycles, adaptive skis and instructional training programs for those in need. Our purpose is to unleash the potential in physically challenged children and adults to be more active, enjoy the benefits of physical fitness, and spend more time in the great outdoors. Find out more at


Triumph Foundation is a 501c(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to help individuals with Spinal Cord Injury triumph over their disability and to inspire them to keep moving forward with their lives by pushing themselves to get better every day. Triumph Foundation works to minimize the obstacles that one faces after suffering Spinal Cord Injury. We specialize in galvanizing and restoring lives after Spinal Cord Injury (SCI). Find out more at


America’s Fund is a program created to direct urgently needed resources and financial support to injured and critically ill members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families. This is a program of the Semper Fi Fund, an established 501(c)(3) nonprofit with an A+ rating from the American Institute of Philanthropy and a 4-star (highest possible) rating from Charity Navigator. Since its inception in 2004, the Semper Fi Fund has provided more than $76 million in support. Find out more at


National Association of Injured & Disabled Workers (NAIDW) is a nationally recognized 501 (c) (3) public charity whose purpose is to provide unlimited resources, support, guidance and short-term financial assistance to injured & disabled workers and their families as a result of injury, illness, pain or disability. Find out more at


SCORE aims to assist young people who have been injured while participating in sporting events or athletic recreation. SCORE endeavors to improve the quality of life for people with a spinal cord injury, assisting with the substantial out-of-pocket costs associated with obtaining the best medical care, home amenities and transportation. The end goal is to facilitate rehabilitation and independent living. Find out more at


Spinal Cord Injury Fund: The Mission of the SCI Special Fund is to help California residents with spinal cord injuries maximize their independance in order to achieve life changing results. Find out more at


The purpose of a PossAbilities grant or scholarship is to provide support for our members to improve the quality of life, assist in the reintegration of those with disabilities into the community and society, and to meet the specific needs of our members. Find out more at


The Independence Fund's mission is to provide the tools, therapies, and guidance that those veterans severely injured in the Line of Duty are otherwise not receiving. The Independence Fund is an entirely 100%, All Volunteer Non-Profit whose Board of Directors is comprised entirely of Combat Veterans. Find out more at


The Semper Fi Fund (SFF) provides relief for financial needs that arise during hospitalization and recovery as well as assistance for those with perpetuating needs. Our program provides support in a variety of ways including Service Member and Family Support, Specialized & Adaptive Equipment, Adaptive Housing, Adaptive Transportation, Education and Career Transition Assistance, PTS and TBI Support, Team Semper Fi, and America’s Fund. Find out more at