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For wheelchair users wooden pushrims tend to feel more pleasant than those made of metal. Especially during cold seasons, the touching of metal is quite uncomfortable. Furthermore, the wooden surface guarantees better grip as compared to conventional metal push rings. The same holds true when coming in contact with water: due to the fine structure of the wood, there is less chance to slip. The wooden push rings can also be fitted subsequently to already existing aluminium wheelchair rims by the customer.

LIGNORIM Wood Pushrims: About


  • Stay much warmer than metal rims during winter months

  • Better grip than conventional metal push rims

  • Extremely strong

  • Lightweight – S2 LIGHT weighs 880g for set

  • Due to fine structure of wood less slipping in wet conditions

  • Very durable –  Wood is a living thing and when nicked on walls or corners it fills in on it’s own whereas nicks in metal rims have to be filed down

  • Dress up your chair

  • Be original


  • As light as carbon push rims – approximately 880g a pair

  • Will NOT splinter

  • Humidity, sludge, snow, or water does not harm rims

  • Made mainly of Spruce, Birch and Ash wood

  • Made in Austria

  • TUV AUSTRIA/GERMANY certification process


  • Depending on type and size prices range from $455-545 CDN + $50 shipping.  *Pricing subject to change based on currency exchange

  • Estimated ship time is 15 days-30 days depending on if in stock

LIGNORIM Wood Pushrims: FAQ
LIGNORIM Wood Pushrims: Products
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