"I purchased an XCR handcycle this past summer (2021) and couldn't be happier. I had excellent customer service right off the bat as Tara is very knowledgeable and efficient. She went over all the options of the bike with me to ensure I was getting a bike suited to my needs and helped me customize it to fit me perfectly. I also had the opportunity to test out a handcycle before purchasing and got to try the power assist in action. If anyone is looking for a handcycle, I would absolutely recommend speaking with Tara before you look anywhere else. Thank you Tara!"


"Working with Tara has been awesome! I was super excited to get a handcycle of my own and she not only was super easy and available to work with, but she gave me great advice on what to get. She also took time to make sure I was in the loop during the whole process after the order was placed.

Tara definitely goes a step further and actually cares. Glad that I have been able to work with her on this order!"


“Tara Llanes Industries continues to be a pleasure to work with.  Not only has Tara helped us build our fleet of Sport On adaptive mountain bikes, but she has also been instrumental in the development of our adaptive mountain biking programs.  Tara is always professional with our equipment orders and very helpful with our ongoing fleet maintenance.”



A patient of mine had a life-changing accident several years ago which affected his C6-C7 vertebrae rendering him paraplegic. He told me one of his dreams was to ride a bicycle again with his dog and told me he was going to save up to get a modified tricycle that is powered by his hands. He showed me some ideas online, and I coordinated with Tara an order of a modified sit-down tricycle (Sport-On XCR). She helped me with all the specifics about customizations, measurement, battery-pack auxiliary power, etc.   It was a bit of a process, but I was pleased with the outcome. The tricycle took several months to build and when my office received it, a fellow chiropractor and I assembled it in my garage in about an hour.  We also had the ability to test it out in my cul-de-sac, which was a hoot and gave me a new level of respect for athletes with certain physical disabilities.  I hope this testimonial serves as a heartfelt endorsement for anyone questioning Tara's business acumen.  Together we can with help certain athletes with disabilities achieving a higher quality of life.


Dr. Douglas Luther

Anchorage, Alaska (and yes...  we do ride bicycles up here, too!)  


I was an avid cyclist and recently became a tetraplegic.  Cycling always gave me a sense of freedom and I wanted that freedom again after my accident.  I was introduced to Tara through a friend and purchased a Sport-on Ultimate Explorer. Tara was great and extremely knowledgeable about the equipment.  She helped me build the perfect bike for me, giving me back the freedom I wanted.  If you're looking for help in finding the best equipment for you, I highly recommend Tara Llane Industries to guide you through the process.  

Thanks, Tara.


I ordered an XCR handcycle from Tara last year. She was great at giving advice on what handcycle would best suit what I was after and processed the order super quickly. Really happy with the XCR, it's been exactly what I was aiming for. Thanks Tara!



This bike is incredible! I’ve been riding hand cycle mountain bikes for 4 years now (I’m a C6-C7 Tetraplegic). I received my Fat Jeetrike from Sport-On back in October and have been riding it on snow since then. The built quality is second to none; the ride, stability, power, and handling are impressive!

Dealing with Tara Llanes and Tara Llanes Industries has been very good. Professional and courteous with good response time.

Only drawback was that the delivery was delayed a few weeks by the manufacturer. We were told that they were waiting for back order parts.

So overall it’s a 4.5/5! Thanks Tara



I purchased a jeetrike from sport-on  Which was completely customized to my size,  Capability, and preference. 

Their ordering sheet made it easy and understanding.  

After placing the order I was contacted by very friendly customer service who helped me finalize the order.

The bike was delivered within the time frame they had specified.  

The trike itself was more memorizing than I could have imagined, absolutely a solid piece of equipment.  Great up hills,  great stability, great traction I don't feel limited while in my jeetrike.

Overall I am very happy with my experience ordering, purchasing,  and finally RIDING my jeetrike!!!


"Thank you all so very much, it is hard for me to accept help or gifts, and you have all be exceedingly patient with me and for that I am sincerely grateful. From my years in the military, we are taught to make our own "luck" if you will and to take care of others and ourselves last, there was a statement that was used quite frequently when  I first joined and that was Men, mission, myself, and I quite frequently forget that last part, so thank you for the encouragement and help with this."



It's rare you run into a dealer more concerned with you having a fun, safe, and awesome time with the product than getting the sale, and Tara is that person. The years of personal experience she brings in the mountain biking/aMTB community and the fact she rides the bikes herself give her so much more credibility and expertise. It was such a huge help in helping me get into aMTB and ultimately, choosing the bike that would work best for me. 
It was a big decision for me, and I have not regretted buying my XCR one bit since I bought it and I've recommended the XCR and Tara to countless riders since then. The XCR is an off-road handcycle that is versatile and I've had just as much fun with it in my neighbourhood cycling trails as in the bike park. Highly recommend!


I am very happy with the bike and service. The customer service was great


Hello, I am Giuseppe above the knee injured worker that purchase a explorer and I like it since the beginning.  The hand cycle is amazing, it tackle corner and hill very good .The design is great and looks good.
I like the work of Tara. She is amazing and very good and professional. She help me to get the right one for me .