"I purchased an XCR handcycle this past summer (2021) and couldn't be happier. I had excellent customer service right off the bat as Tara is very knowledgeable and efficient. She went over all the options of the bike with me to ensure I was getting a bike suited to my needs and helped me customize it to fit me perfectly. I also had the opportunity to test out a handcycle before purchasing and got to try the power assist in action. If anyone is looking for a handcycle, I would absolutely recommend speaking with Tara before you look anywhere else. Thank you Tara!"


"Working with Tara has been awesome! I was super excited to get a handcycle of my own and she not only was super easy and available to work with, but she gave me great advice on what to get. She also took time to make sure I was in the loop during the whole process after the order was placed.

Tara definitely goes a step further and actually cares. Glad that I have been able to work with her on this order!"


"Thank you all so very much, it is hard for me to accept help or gifts, and you have all be exceedingly patient with me and for that I am sincerely grateful. From my years in the military, we are taught to make our own "luck" if you will and to take care of others and ourselves last, there was a statement that was used quite frequently when  I first joined and that was Men, mission, myself, and I quite frequently forget that last part, so thank you for the encouragement and help with this."